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The Om Swaha: remember how we were talking about the triangle at the crown of the head, and I said that the three points of the triangle represent the power of the guru – one corner represents the Om, one represents the So, one represents the Ham; in other words, those reflect the three psychic nerves of ida, pingala and sushumna.  At the center of that triangle is infinite jet-black consciousness, pure consciousness.  The Om Swaha is the signature of the three psychic nerves, of sushumna, ida and pingala.  In other words, you are resonating the essence of your being when you say Om Swaha; you go, Om, Swa, Ha, and your entire spinal cord, brain, sushumna, ida and pingala vibrate.  It carries the point of a signifier of, ‘Yes, this is complete.’, it is completed in an auspicious way, well done, complete – Om Swaha – it’s done, it’s over, it’s sealed, it’s packaged, it’s got a bow on it, and you can go on to the next thing