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The transmission of grace is like lightening, striking straight into the deepest part of one’s nature. Its light is infinitely subtle and all-pervasive; it’s the light of God in the form of liberation. Once having entered, there is no holding it back; it will travel to the full depth of every issue at all times.

One of the realities of this grace is the acceleration and deepening of purification. As the grace pours in, it becomes more challenging to maintain balance within the framework of your life, and you must learn to walk the razor’s edge while in constant change.

It’s like learning how to drive a high-performance vehicle; it’s not at all like driving an ordinary car. Just the process of keeping it in a line on the road when driving at higher speeds is challenging. Precision instrumentation requires that you gain a whole new level of capabilities to deal with the increased swiftness of the fluctuations.