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Excerpt of a talk by Mark Griffin…


We have produced such an irrational fear of the death experience that we hold ourselves back from the onslaught of enlightenment, desperately clinging to the very identity that binds us to the wheel. When enlightenment appears in your life, it begins to wipe everything away. It doesn’t say, “Well, this is a good thing so we’ll preserve this, and this is a bad thing so we’ll get rid of this.”

It’s as if you were an egg floating around in the ocean, an infinite ocean of consciousness. The enlightenment process is like someone coming along and unscrewing the top of the egg; the ocean just starts to pour in. It conducts itself through the entirety of your being. It’s only a matter of time before everything is reduced down to its most basic components—electrons, protons, atoms.

This is the transmission of grace. You are brought back into touch with the ocean of consciousness. What you’re afraid of is that when the ocean of consciousness pours in, it zeroes out everything you’ve ever been, everything you are, everything you’ll ever be. Everything dissolves back into the ocean, extinguished. You exist, and yet it’s as if you never existed. So you ask, “Why would I want this to happen?”