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Excerpt of a talk by Mark Griffin…


Karma is the action that is generated by the ego through the operations of the senses. Data comes in through the senses and the ego, along with the list-making capacities of the mind, creates its own closed universe in which it can rule, a false kingdom in which it is trapped.

The false identity of the ego takes the power of infinite consciousness and runs it through the senses, and a river of desire-based activity is produced. The karma that is generated from this activity is the foundation of the cycle of death and rebirth.

During meditation the senses are switched off, the mind stops functioning in a linear fashion and moves into its natural state, universal mind, in which truth spontaneously begins to arise. When this happens, the light of reality arises within, dissolving the fabric of the false kingdom which the ego has held together with its desire-based activity. The ego is obliterated and the Self arises.

Until this happens, you’re trapped in the past, trapped in time. But as the light of the Self gets stronger and stronger, it dissolves all karma. The idea of past, present and future is erased. There is only the moment.