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The inherent fear of being extinguished is natural, and can’t be avoided. We naturally fear being non-existent. I’ve seen this in all of you. You’ll be meditating along, doing beautifully, and just as you’re about to plunge into the ocean the fear will seize you, and you’ll jump back out. You open your eyes, get up, walk around; try to avoid it. I see you do this all the time.

The transmission of grace is like a force of nature, like the weight of the ocean, an indescribable and unbearable pressure arising from all points. You can’t resist it. It’s important for you that you find a way to deal with that ever-increasing presence of truth and light within you. Find a way to align with it. When it bumps against one of those nodules of pain and fear, don’t recoil. Just breathe deeply around it. The fear will be released.