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The Hard Light Center of Awakening is an organization founded and directed by Mark Griffin as a forum for the study of spirituality and meditation. Mark is a Meditation Master who is firmly established in the advanced samadhi states—rare strands of consciousness that lead to remarkable perception and spiritual accomplishment.

The study of spirituality is very subtle. It deals with a spectrum of experience that is entirely different from our day-to-day world. The real study lies within, beneath the layer of language, beyond words and symbols as we understand them. It is the Teacher’s role to bring the student into direct relationship with this profound inner mystery.

There are actually two teachers – the outer teacher and the inner teacher. The outer teacher is a guide and a coach, demonstrating how to harmonize the inner and outer realities. This outer teacher prepares the student for engagement with the real teaching, which takes place on the inner planes. The inner teacher is found through a dialogue of discovery and gradual recognition of the Self.

The traditional way this has been taught is by direct communication between the teacher and the student. (click photo to hear Mark speak about this). It is true that you can simply stay at home and meditate by yourself, but the difference between that and studying with a teacher who goes into the completely realized state of Samadhi is like the difference between seeing the Olympics on television and actually training every day with a Gold Medal winner. There is a tangible difference in intensity and progress.

We invite you to join us for some evening meditations and see for yourself how even a few hours spent with Mark can open you up to transformation.

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