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Excerpt of a talk by Mark Griffin…


The essence of love in human nature takes root in the relationship between the individual identity and the universal identity. In the relationship between limited self and supreme Self, the dynamic of the expression of love occurs, and this is surrender—the surrender of the drop to the ocean.

The experience of surrender is difficult to describe. It is a willingness to unmask the heart and let it be touched; a willingness to let the heart sit open and unprotected. It is not necessarily a large experience; it’s actually quite personal, quite small, like a yielding, a softness inside. And it is in this softness, in this yielding, that the idea of sacrifice occurs.

In this moment, the raft is abandoned and the ocean is attained. It need not be a huge action. It’s as if you were holding onto a raft and you simply let go. You don’t know what will happen next; it is a moment of absolute trust, of absolute humility. It is a moment of total abandon.