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Excerpt of a talk by Mark Griffin…

The kundalini arises in three forms: the para kundalini; the prana kundalini; and the shakti kundalini.

The para kundalini is infinite and universal; it is beyond all qualities, arising as the infinite ocean of consciousness. When the para kundalini folds into the envelope of formation, the prana kundalini arises.

The prana kundalini gives rise to the multiplicity of creation, the diversity of form and consciousness. The prana kundalini is the force of life, vibrating and animating everything in creation.
The shakti kundalini is the animate quality of consciousness, the attachment of the life force to the individual conditioned soul. The creation, having entered the envelope of the prana, lives its existence out in the infinite cycles of time on the wheel of samsara, bound by the law of cause and effect.

The guru shakti is the impulse of release from the wheel, triggering the kundalini to travel back to the source of the creation, merging back into the ocean of consciousness. That which has been created is uncreated. The guru shakti is the reset; button of creation.