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Excerpt of a talk by Mark Griffin…


There is a fellowship among those who seek the truth—those seeking the truth, and those that have sought the truth and come to the completion of human destiny, completed their cycle as human beings and thus gone on. When a person begins to hunger for the truth of things, there is an immediate psychic contact with the fellowship of the thus gone—spiritual masters, gurus, yogis, gods, goddesses—all having seen through the surface of things and struck through to the heart of the matter.

As you turn away from the external phantasmagoria of the dream, a resonance with this fellowship emerges out of your very being. And within this fellowship something utterly profound occurs—the descent of grace. We use the word grace because it is a gift. It is not something you’ve earned, it is undeserved favor. And this gift of grace is made available to you within yourself, as a part of your being. The essence of this gift kindles the spiritual force of awakening within you, changing you at the deepest level of being, at the deepest level of spirit.