STREAMING: More Tips to Enhance Your Experience

After you have connected up to the stream, wait patiently for a minute or two. You might have to scroll to the top of your window where all your music is listed. It takes a little time for it to stream and load and start playing. How long it takes is alsodependenton your connection speed too.

Streaming is not a “podcast” – so don’t look for it in that section of your player (iTunes, etc.). It will be found under “Music”.

There may be moments when the audio stops for a bit and it says “rebuffering stream“. It should just automatically re-connect again for you if it does this. While it is rebuffering you are NOT losing any words that Mark says – his voice will pick up right where it left off. It’s just a moment of silence, an opportunity for you to tune into the mantra SoHam and the breath while you wait…

Getting the most out of your stream experience is up to you. If you set up the environment in which you will listen to Mark as though you were sitting with him live in the hall, you will have an extraordinary experience. Create the time and the space to dive deeply within.

If you set up your environment as though you were listening to a radio station, with the phone ringing, kids running into the room and other distractions going on like that, you will rob yourself of the full potential of the streaming experience. The distractions of the world are always there – use this as an opportunity to let them fall away for awhile. Make the stream experience work for you. Mark shows up for you. Put 100% into showing up to meet him too.

 Here are four hints to enhance your happy streaming experience:

1) Use external speakers for your computer, rather than your computer’s built in speakers. They really help a lot!

You can pick some up from Staples or an office supply store for about $20, or Radio Shack for $32.

 2) Radio Shack sells a cool little battery operated gizmo for $28 called an Audio Amplifier. Here’s the link:

Boostaroo¨ 3-Channel Headphone Audio Amplifier and Splitter –

You plug it into your computer, and then plug your speakers into it, and it about doubles the volume. Also great for airplanes, and iPods too, because you can plug headphones into it (in fact, up to three people can then share the same line with it).

 3) Some people have reported a problem having the Guru Radio stream ‘slip’ into playing other songs within their iTunes, particularly if and when the stream re-buffers for a moment. Here’s a handy trick to solve that:

If you just leave your Guru Radio hanging out with all the other music in iTunes, that slipping can happen. It looks like this if you do – notice how there’s a bunch of other songs right after the stream selection that it can ‘slip’ into:


So here’s the trick. Click once on the Guru Radio stream selection – then click on File > Make Playlist From Selection. Re-title the playlist that pops up “Guru Radio” – and it will look like this picture now instead. Notice how it’s all by itself now in the playlist – there’s nothing under it in the playlist. This way it has nothing to accidentally slip into and will stay pure unto itself. The playlist is a way of grouping and isolating any particular music track, and will work great to solve this problem for you.


 4) Finally – we don’t know who is on the stream at any time – unless you tell us that you are streaming. So if there’s a general technical alert or advisory or help we can offer, let us know in advance that you’ll be streaming, and we can send you an email or try to connect to help. Otherwise we won’t know it’s YOU out there to send the email to. As always, if you need help – just let us know. We’re all about making Mark’s words available to you – live and in the present moment.

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