On Retreat: The One Day Shaktipat Intensive

Shaktipat is the awakening of the dormant spiritual energy. Mark Griffin offers Shaktipat at every Shakitpat Meditation Intensive, Retreat and Kunda.

For the full schedule, please see the Calendar.

For more information about the Intensive, see Shaktipat.

One Day Shaktipat Intensive Fee Structure


Attend the Intensive in-Person $140

$125 (members)

Attend the Intensive via Video Stream $100
Register through the Hard Light Online Bookstore:

Attend the Intensive In-person Intensive 

Attend the Intensive via Video Stream


from Mark Griffin:

“The effect of spiritual training, the effect of Shaktipat awakening, is very profound, very powerful. It’s the slightest drop… and the arc of your incarnations will change forever. Your life will change right there in front of you. You won’t recognize yourself, because this evolutionary force has been driven inward and you begin to evolve inwardly. If you begin to evolve internally, you begin to manifest conscious awareness in every aspect of life, every aspect of the world; your awareness begins to expand into the other world of pure energy and the other world of pure mind. In other words, your sphere of experience begins to really widen.”
~ Mark Griffin, April 11, 2009

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