Podcasting: More Technical Information

Podcasts are short audio talks from Mark Griffin that we offer free of charge. Once you subscribe to the podcasts, your iTunes or other music player will automatically bring in new material if we add to the talks we offer. You can also click the Refresh button on your iTunes or other player to have the list rescanned to check for new additions.

SubscribeIf this orange button doesn’t automatically open your iTunes and subscribe you to the podcasts – there are five other easy ways to download these podcasts:


1) go to iTunes Music Store and search “GuruRadio”, and subscribe to all the podcasts from within the iTunes store.

2) You can open whatever music player program you like and look for an option called ‘subscribe to URL’ or ‘subscribe to Podcast’; enter: http://www.hardlight.org/podcast/hardlight.xml (within iTunes, you can find this option under the Advanced menu).

3) Click this orange button xml, to see the full list directly from within your web browser.

4) You can download the mp3 file directly from the XML page by right clicking, and then “save target as” (or “save link as”) on a PC, or option-clicking on a Mac.

5) Click More tips for using iTunes

To subscribe directly from your iPad or iPhone, without synching to your computer, first buy ($1.99) an app like Downcast, and then click the + sign to manually add a podcast. Then enter this “Feed or OPML Address”: http://www.hardlight.org/podcast/hardlight.xml. See screen shot.

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