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Podcasts are recordings of talks that Mark has given over the past few years. By clicking the orange button here, your iTunes will open and you will automatically be subscribed to receive these talks without charge whenever a new podcast is added to the list. 
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Step Directly Into I AM
Why Do Sadhana
Radio Interview with Mark Griffin on Sky Radio
Sadhana and the Guru
Deepen Your Practice
What Is Shaktipat
Prelude To An Intensive
The Cleansing Power of Shaktipat | Download PDF
A 15 Minute Guided Meditation On The Breath
Gravity and The Breath
Meditate with Consistency
Making The Unconscious Conscious
The Fourth State
Am I Spacing Out in Meditation?
Awakening Kundalini
Kundalini and the Subtle Body
The Nature of Being
Clearing Obstacles
Tension In The Neck
Form and Function: The Body of the Guru
The Nature of Desire (Q & A)
God, Guru and Self are One

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