On Retreat: New Year’s Eve / New Year’s Day

There is no better way to see out the old year and bring in the new, than to sit with Mark in deep meditation. This Retreat is a springboard for the entire year to come.

This year the New Year’s retreat will be held at Fire Mountain in India. Read more…


From Mark Griffin:

“I would like to welcome all of you with love to the New year’s retreat. I would also like to welcome all of those who are streaming around the world – hello. We are at the opening of what will prove to be two extraordinary days of dharma activity. 2009 was a very fierce year. We are passing through a time of very powerful transition and transformation, both internally and externally, in the secular world and in the spiritual world. It is somewhat like watching an overwhelming wave of change crash into the world, changing everything. It is always best I feel, to meet that wave of transformation with the appropriate spirit of raising the banner of dharma, something akin to a battle cry at the moment of transition.

So our retreat is set up over two days, New Year’s eve and New Year’s day. I would just like to talk to you for a few minutes about how the next two days will unfold. We will have three sections of distinct forms of dharma practice. The first day we’ll be practicing in the form of a mother tantra, which is an expression of form and emptiness; then a session of dream yoga, from midnight until dawn, and tomorrow will be a completion cycle, where we will be expressing the dharma in the form of a father tantra. Those of you who have been to Intensives or Retreats before know that these kinds of sessions always move in sections of three: one of initiation and opening; one of generation, development and deepening and intensifying the focus of blessing and empowerment; and then a session of completion, where the entire dharma session is rounded up and expressed in a peak form of totality.

Because it is true that we exist in eternity, a kind of endless ocean of consciousness, infinite manifestation of time and space, it is useful to mark the milestones, the turning of the year. This is an opportunity to sit deeply with oneself, and assess the road we have just passed, and its events, what it has meant to us, and rouse ourselves and express enlightenment, at the turning of the year. In that way, we are putting our best foot forward, as we embrace this next stretch of road, which is unknown. We don’t know what it will bring, but we meet it with eyes open and heart ablaze. So at this turning of the road when we mark this milestone of time, the retreat gives us an environment of pure dharma, where we sit deeply and quietly within ourselves, and watch the mile meter turn in all three worlds.”
~ Mark Griffin,, New Year’s Eve 2009

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