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It’s a mystical moment when you declare to the teacher your intent to study with him. It’s the beginning of the Guru-Disciple Relationship. Once you’ve made this decision and stepped up to this level, Mark includes you in the mandala of all the spiritual work he does… 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Mark takes his relationship with you very seriously. From his side, his commitment to you is total and complete. It is not dependent on time or space.

From your side, as a student, your commitment consists both in your dedication to your own sadhana – your spiritual practices – and in your consistency of membership.

Your membership is important, both on a practical level – because your financial support allows Hard Light to continue its dharma work – and on a symbolic level, as a reflection of your pledge to the Teacher.

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Membership / Event Cost Summary


Membership subscription (formerly Supporter)
            $100/ month or $1100/year ($100 annual discount)

Streaming membership subscription
            $100/ month or $1100/year ($100 annual discount)

If you are below the $100 a month level, please indicate your commitment for an increased rate to Linda @

You can also modify your membership plan with Fernando at the front desk


$150 per event / At the door or in advance through the Hard Light online bookstore

Weekly meditation class walk-in


Limited Income Discount

If you have a financial need, we can offer a limited number of modest discounts between 10% and 30%

Please contact Linda prior to the event at

Discounts cannot be granted at the door

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