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Excerpt of a talk by Mark Griffin…


Because of the shortness of the lifespan in these times, the awakening impulse involves the kundalini. The movement of the kundalini back into the spinal cord and up into the brain can, in the course of a single lifetime, produce self-realization. How long it takes is based on a person’s skill, ability, and courage. But it is the animation of the brain by the kundalini which sets the process of evolution on a hyper-accelerated path.

When the kundalini hits the body it’s a very powerful and demanding event. But the spirit comes upon you when and where it will. You have to accept that. It can’t be controlled. You have to have strength of heart, strength of will, and strength of body to endure the impact of the kundalini. You must be fearless, giving rise to love with every breath—love of God, love of Guru, love of Self.

This is why you should keep things as simple as you can: a solid routine of daily meditation, your daily work where you fulfill the responsibilities of your life, exercise, a good diet. As you deal with the dynamics of awakening and the power gets greater and greater as it moves into full force, you will most certainly have your hands full.