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Om Namah Shivaya Mantra Japa iPhone App

View in iTunes nowOm Namah Shivaya is an ancient mantra used to awaken higher states of consciousness. The literal translation of these Sanskrit words means “I Bow To Shiva”. Shiva is regarded as the manifestation of the Divine and the symbol for the inner Self, so Om Namah Shivaya essentially means: I bow to my Inner Self. Repetition of the mantra, known as japa, holds our mind to this core truth, that God dwells within us – as us. It brings great calmness and peace, and keeps the mind occupied with loftier aspirations.

In this app, we combine the benefit of using the meaning of the words with the power of hearing them recited by a realized master of meditation, Mark Griffin. As you hear his voice reciting the mantra with each bead, you will feel the connection to the highest state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, complete enlightenment, in which he has been firmly established for many decades.

He is communicating the energy of that high state to you, through a mechanism that in Sanskrit is known as Chaitanya, which can be translated as enlivened transmissions. In other words, his recitation of the mantra Om Namah Shivaya is charged with the vibration of his awakened state, and continues to hold that positive charge across time and space. The effects of this work in your behalf whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

Mark Griffin was a student of Baba Muktananda, who also taught that the practice of mantra repetition is very important in the spiritual quest to awaken.

The iPhone / iPod / iPad app is now available in the iTunes store: Click to visit the iTunes store now.

Features of the app:

  • 108 rudraksha beads plus one Om bead
  • Mark Griffin’s voice reciting OM NAMAH SHIVAYA with each bead
  • Lifelike movement of the string of beads with the movement of the iPad, iPhone or iPod from side to side
  • Each bead can be turned around and rotated just like a real bead could be
  • An optional counter for each bead and each complete cycle of recitation
  • Changing background colors, correlating to the chakras
  • Ability to turn the accompanying recitation by Mark on or off
  • Auto-advance, so the beads can be counted off automatically while you watch
  • Sleep timer – set it to play while you fall to sleep, and then turn off automatically
  • A full text explanation of how to derive the most benefit from the recitation, and where each sacred syllable resides in the subtle body
iPhone japa app


Programming credit and thanks: John Slaten

View in iTunes now

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