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Intention is a very powerful spiritual energy. It is the speech of intention that drives the vessel of spiritual life—the ability to focus the force of one’s life irresistibly to the purpose of spiritual awakening and realization without turning away from the goal. Intention is not so much seen on the surface of things; it is the underlying speech.

Through unwavering intent and a spirit of abandon, the ability to commit to the way is the secret that presses through the obstacles and the difficulties of the path and draws the attention of the guru’s grace. It’s a kind of conversation of commitment and conviction, a request to be shown the way. If this intention, this vibration, occurs again and again you will begin to be taken seriously. But if one day it’s one thing, and the next day another, more maturity is needed.

The question the guru is always asking is, “What are you interested in?” Often times we can confuse ourselves with the intensity of our passions and desires, and dress them up in a kind of self importance. As we begin to align heart, mind, and body to the service of the spirit, these begin to fall away and ring hollow. What runs underneath is what we become truly interested in. We stop being fooled by the glitter of the surface.