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Shaktipat is an energy of incredible force that emerges from the creation itself; it is an explosion of awakening from within your very being. Shaktipat holds within itself the direct recognition of all the qualities of existence within the envelope of the human form: the physical, material body; the subtle physical body of energy; the causal body of mental formation; and the supracausal body of pure consciousness, Atman.

Through Shaktipat, the state of potential that exists within the human being in an unrecognized condition becomes awakened, and the individual begins a process of unfoldment wherein all the components of the human form become illuminated and active. This process of unfolding is affected by countless forces, and is unique for all of us.

Yet the awakening process remains the same: the attention moves from the entrapment of the operations of the senses and the apparent world into an increasingly deep contact with the subtlest realms of the unseen within one’s very being. The polar opposites of individual identity and universal consciousness are reconciled.