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The kundalini is the raw power of creation. It is a force beyond all comprehension, arising as creation itself. It emerges directly out of the ocean of consciousness without origin, without cause, without end. It is a completely paradoxical event. There is no sequence of events, no linear process, it arises all at once; the entire manifestation of infinite consciousness all the way down to the firmness of the earth arises at one time.

The sages use the term “continuousness” to describe this; you should understand the creation as continuously arising, fully formed. This point of non-origin is called spanda, and at this moment of creation, the guru arises. The guru is a fundamental component of the creation, arising at the point of creation itself. The kundalini is the mother of the guru. The guru is the awakening impulse of the creation, the power of illumination and transformation, continuous and eternal; it is the awakening speech of the kundalini