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Bodhicitta is the ideal of enlightenment, and the love of that enlightenment that we use to turn our hearts and minds away from the path of degradation and the endless formation of karma, to the generation of virtuous action. We begin to actively consider the ideals of love, compassion, generosity, kindness, patience. We begin to actively reject the dark energies of jealousy, hatred, greed, envy.

The Bodhicitta is the seat of the deep heart, the place where all four bodies intersect: the physical body of matter, the subtle physical body of energy, the causal body of mind and mental formation, and atman the throb of pure consciousness.

The Bodhicitta is a fountain of one hundred fibers that connect to the brain from this seat in the heart, animating the space between the heart and the brain and producing the event that we call existence, all the dynamics of separate existence, all the qualities of being.

In its highest form, the Bodhicitta is a distillation of consciousness at the top of the central nerve which forms a white drop whose movement from the crown of the head down through the brain and into the heart is one of the agencies of the highest mysticism.

The Bodhicitta is all of these things – deeper, and deeper, and ever deeper. It is the cosmic force of creation and the ocean of infinite consciousness expressing themselves in the fabric of the life of the individual. It is every thought, every feeling that you have ever had in the chain of your existence. It is all the dynamics of every desire of your being every hope, every success, every failure, every lesson learned. It is the living, breathing, soft, tender center of life, where the awesome force of God and the infinite sweep of creation arise inside each and every heart and mind.