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You can carry issues with you for years and years that you don’t address. Because of fear, aversion, or afflictive emotions, every time you touched a difficult subject the mind was interrupted. And now suddenly you’re old, and still you haven’t addressed it. Then you die without having addressed it, and this just means that you’ll have to reincarnate to deal with it.

Sooner or later, all these issues will have to be dealt with. They are the rocks, roots, weeds, and tree trunks that you’ll most certainly run across as you plow the field of your life. Where do you get the energy to offset the obstacles in your life, to give you the courage so you can address these difficult areas? By giving rise to love of the enlightened condition, you draw energy from the very center of your being. It is a well of infinite consciousness, and a resource of infinite energy that will give you the power to deal with the problems and issues of your life.