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Look around at the objects in your house, in your life. Look inside your closets. See what’s there. Examine the emotional and psychological content of all these things. Is their vibration positive, having come about through generosity or love, or is it negative, having come from an attachment or aversion?

Perhaps many of your clothes are an attachment to an identity you seek to maintain, a way you thought of yourself at one point in your life, but which doesn’t represent you now. You may not have worn many of your clothes in a long time, but they remind you of a good period in your life, and you don’t want to give them up. So it goes with all your possessions.

It’s actually easier to get rid of these things, remove them from your life, and clear up that psychic space; because you’re connected to them, and even though you don’t recognize it consciously, the connection holds you in the grip of all of those emotional states from the past.