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“It is the intention of every action that is the seed of karma. So it becomes very important to watch yourself, and watch the seed of intent of each one of your actions. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself, and in this way you can slowly turn the tide and get into the habit of generating positive activity, positive intention. In spiritual life, it is simply true that life is made spiritual to the extent it is brought in contact with the spirit; which is not a random activity, but one of intense focus and intention. One of the ideas implicit in spiritual life, implicit in the path, is that it is the fabric of life that is cultivated, by churning the presence of God, the presence of the Guru, the presence of enlightenment into the fabric of your life. It is just like cultivating a field: breaking up the soil, removing the rocks, chopping the hard dirt into soft dirt, watering it, filling it with nutrition, and transforming it. This is what spiritual life is about. And it is done by generating with full intention, the rounding up of oneself and churning the life with the blessing of the presence of the spirit. ”