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“This theme of shortening the distance of time and space is a constant theme in the yoga tantra, as applied to eternity. Eternity is a constant that cannot be conceived of. Any concept of eternity is only a drop in the bucket of its reality – a very ferocious and somewhat frightening idea. Very few people have accepted the fact that this whole thing goes on forever.

The idea of liberation is the possibility of diminishing suffering in your existence by accepting the principles of cause and effect, and distilling out the detritus, the resultant karma of past cause and effect that’s already present in your system. You can get to a point of equilibrium whereby limiting the generation of negative karma and only generating good karma, then finally limiting even good karma to the point where the effect of the Shaktipat, the slow erasure of the stored karma of past incarnations and finally the stored karma of this incarnation, can bring you to a condition in this incarnation, where you are no longer generating karma and you can still and stop the mind and merge into pure consciousness. This is the state of samadhi.”