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“The astral body is the key to your spiritual life. Having a strong relationship to your astral body is really the key to spiritual life really being fun and interesting. For most people, because they’re identified with the physical body, all the spiritual processes feel almost like a burden. There’s a point that will come when you will finally get the message of what I’m saying here when I say it’s really a lot easier if you stop identifying with your physical body, and shift your identity to the body that actually carries the life force.

That is the form in which you entered this life. You came into this life and entered the womb of your mother in a gaseous form, and inside that gas was all of your data. The subtle body is where the life force is committed. This is the body that you’re in. So as you come and go in your various forms of life, the subtle body is indestructible…well, not all the way indestructible, but let’s say it’s fire-proof. A person goes through the process of life and then death; death takes place and the body is burned – the liberation of the soul through the movement of the subtle body. That subtle body is not effected by the process of the death of the body. It simply exits the body as if you’re exiting a building.”