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“Shaktipat concentrates the process. Most people don’t have the karma to hang around a teacher that is giving Shaktipat. Most people have the karma to get to a teacher to get Shaktipat, and then their life will wheel them back out and they’ll go through whatever they have to go through. There are some people who have the karma to be around a teacher that is giving Shaktipat, which is a karma unto itself. It’s a kind of service both to yourself and others. Once you are inside the sphere of a teacher, you become a part of that teacher’s process. Most of you, from a standpoint of one person, are 300 people. I mean, using the idea of six degrees of separation, I can give shaktipat to 300 people that I never have to meet personally because I’ve met you.

On the other side, it’s your hunger that keeps you here. The reason a person decides to stay around a teacher is because…it’s hard to stay around a teacher. I mean, I haven’t done a single thing to make it easy to be around me. I am actually making it as easy as I can, but it is a fate, it is a karma – it’s a very good karma. It’s like a working scholarship. You get to work and be in the proximity of the fire, and go through a process that will accelerate the process even more so than a single Shaktipat. Ideally – alright not ideally, but one Shaktipat is enough. But there are those that have the karma to be constantly struck by the lightening. In that regard it’s what it would look like – you’re reduced to a cinder faster.”

Summer, 1992