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“You should have your seat somewhere in your house that’s never moved. You should have your little bench, light a candle, have a meditation seat. If you’re sharing a room with your bed and that kind of thing, which most of us have to do, just put a blanket over it when you’re not sitting on it, so it’s just covered, or a shawl or whatever. But it never moves and it just stays in the same place every day. It should be separate from your bed as well, because the energies of sleeping and meditation are two different energies. If you try to meditate on your bed you’ll mix the energies of sleep and meditation too much. It should just be a little corner of your room, a little table, meditation cushion. Put down a blanket then a meditation cushion. You’ll find that the power will build up there at an incredible level. And if you just cover it with a blanket, it’ll look just like a cushion in your room, but as soon as you sit down all this energy will come through.”

April 26, 1997