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“It is the movement of the kundalini along these circuits that acts as a release. When the kundalini surges from the base of the spine and descends from the crown of the head, it flows and conducts itself along these circuits; and it causes the samskaric data to release. Once it releases, it just comes undone, and becomes nothing. It just goes back to being pure energy, pure Shakti. Now, before a person has Shaktipat, the movement of the prana is only a small particle of the movement of breath. But once Shaktipat occurs, there is greater and greater and greater prana. In other words, a greater component of kundalini attenuated to the movement of air that is the breath. So as it moves in the system, it causes the samskaric data to lift and dissolve. This is one of the primary pathways of purification. It’s extremely effective.

To teach yourself to keep the flow of your kundalini very, very supple and very, very strong, from the base of the spine up through all of the seats to the crown of the head, is a very useful yogic practice. It’s a practice.”