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“Oftentimes people are very tempted… You look at the yogic charts where you see the outline of the human form; you see the fibers of ida, pingala and sushumna, the six chakras and the flame at the crown of the head, and you say, “That’s what I want to do. I want to get to the crown of the head.” They try to pogo-stick up into the crown of the head.” You get up there and you experience that bliss. When you do that, you almost inevitably fall back down. It’s a temporary thing. That comes from a kind of subtle misunderstanding that somehow, everything that is of the body, of the space below the crown of the head, is something bad which must be transcended, or must be escaped from.

It can’t be escaped from; it must be transformed. You have to take it on and transform it from its unconscious nature to its conscious nature. It’s important to understand that it’s already conscious; but presently it’s conscious in its unconscious form. So you have to make the unconscious form conscious. ”