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“The first time Shakti merges into Shiva is an experience you’ll never forget. You’ll experience God, you will lose all consciousness of individual identity, and you’ll merge into God Consciousness.

When one approaches God Consciousness through yoga and meditation, it is a progressive event; it is a cumulative event. In other words, you’ll go through the process of purification. Even before you have total purification, you’ll have one day where you’ll just be on a high bio-rhythm, and you’ll merge into the central nerve, you’ll merge up into sushumna, and you’ll experience God. Then you’ll come back down and you’ll go, “Wow – that was amazing.” That’s usually when you start to get inspired: “Wow – I want to do that again.” So you meditate again the very next day. It lasts for two or three days and then it starts to level off. Then you’re back into purification. You’re “I want to do that again, I want to experience that again.” It seems like God will give you a little taste, little taste, little taste, to keep you going.”