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I would like to welcome everyone to the 2010-2011 New Years Retreat, generating this session in the name and power of love – the love of God, Guru and Self. This entire session is the expression of the supraconscious, the prayer to God for the annihilation of the mind, the final covering between the individual perceiver, and the light of universal consciousness of God. It is the power of love that breaches the mysterious barrier between consciousness of the individual and universal consciousness. It’s removed by God; removed by the power of God through the Guru and Guru’s grace, annihilating the last wall of resistance and separation between the individual consciousness and God-consciousness.
It’s paradoxical that from the standpoint of the individual, we see the light of the many in the One. We see ourselves, and we see countless forms of awareness of consciousness, countless beings. And with the power of love, we can become intimately connected with all forms of life, of existence – all sentient beings. With the grace of God, with the grace of the Guru, the modifications of the mind and the mind itself is annihilated, is absorbed into consciousness, and its final wall of separation. And in this way, rather than seeing the light of many in the One, one begins to see the light of One in the many, begins to see the all-pervasive and universal light throughout all beings.