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In the region at the heart there is a structure shaped like a cave, the size of the thumb. Inside this structure is the secret essence of the Guru. What that is, is the anchor of the one single thread that goes through all hundred fibers*, up through the very center, bypassing all the hundred fibers to get to the three points, A, Ka and Tha, up through the HamSa. So it goes from the hundred, to the three, to the one. The one fiber threads through.

From there, the one fiber threads the needle, it threads the needle, it threads the needle. The Sufis call it the Reed of God, because it is one fiber out of millions of fibers. There’s 72,000 fibers just moving off the three fibers and the six chakras. Of that 72,000, a hundred are important. As it hits the heart, it turns into a fan.

All the data of your experience is stored there. But out of that hundred, there is one that originates from the secret seat of the Guru at the very center of the body. The heart is considered to be the center of the body: there are three chakras below, three chakras above.

All of the fibers that flow out from the heart go to all the extremes of the subtle physical body and physical body: down the legs, out the feet into the earth; down through the center of the body, down the spine, between the legs and down into the earth; out the arms and hands, up the neck and head, etc. All of the various orbits, micro and macro orbits, up the back, down the front, etc., all key into the heart.

The subtlety of this fiber is beyond description. Without the Guru’s grace, you would never find it. [It’s like:] ‘There is a needle, and I’ve hidden it in North America; you have to find that needle, and here’s a clue.’

The Guru’s grace is simple. That thread becomes magnetized. You just have to look for it. You’ll find that there’s this magnetic throb pulsing down this infinitely refined fiber. That’s the Guru. It is the one fiber that penetrates through all four bodies, and moves into the space of emptiness.

That’s why they say that the Guru is the fast path. Doing yoga, etc…. all this stuff has to be illumined and purified, yes; but working from the outside in, you’re talking about 20,000 lifetimes of non-stop effort. The Guru’s grace saves you the trouble, and says here’s the one fiber that counts, follow this path; this is awakened, hold to that, hold to the Guru’s line, hold to the Guru’s path. This is the Guru’s path, this is what they’re talking about. The Reed of God passes through that. It’s not out here. It’s not like, go do this, go do that, stand on your head, hold one arm in the air, stand on one foot – that’s not the Guru’s path. The Guru’s path is this path from the secret space in the heart. We’ve talked before about the triangle. It’s the seat of the Guru inside the body. This is the secret place.

Shaktipat: the Guru comes along, strums that fiber like a guitar string, so you feel it. Pay attention here; this is the path.

I know this is true because this is what I did. If you do this, you find it. Allow it to be pointed out to you, and you pay attention to that. You will rise up that path, you will fly through the crown of the head like a bird flying through a skylight, and you’ll plug into the universe, the true universe.