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The idea of Samadhi is that one’s entire being is placed onto a single quality. You can have lower samadhis where you have generated enough motility within your being that you can transfer the quality, the impact of your entire nature and align it with any quality. And then the higher samadhis are when you take that ability and place it in the fourth state, the Atman, which is of Shiva, as Shiva. And thus you become… As Shiva.

But the idea of Samadhi is that you can take every atom of your body and align it with a single quality and your entire being becomes that quality and of that quality, and even the mind itself in all its dynamics is not fractured. The quality of energy is not dissipated or partial. The innermost stream of one’s own identity, the I- making self, the I-making reflex of self is subjugated to a given quality.

So samadhi is the ability to align one’s entire being with any quality. In this case we align it with the Atman. The Atman is the fourth body that is hard-wired, that is the foundation of the human condition – therefore it is not necessary to look anywhere else but within. Whenever I say Atman, I mean the Self. Whenever I say Atman or Self, I mean Shiva. Whenever I say Atman, Self or Shiva, I mean Brahman. Whenever I say Atman, Self or Brahman, I mean God. Different terms. Same thing.

But there’s a very clear point that’s made: Atman is the interface between the individual and the universal. And one must capture the pivot point, the universal joint that is Atman, through which one attains Brahman. That’s done through Samadhi. You take your entire being, you neutralize all the false non-atman choices and align it with Atman. Then you can go into samadhi and become Atman. And then through Atman you become Brahman.