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In all of the pantheon of spiritual practices, it is meditation that is the most essential. Any being that made movement on the spiritual path, be they a yogi, a monk, a Siddha, a Sufi, a meditation master, a Perfect Master, or all the countless legions of the servants of dharma – all practice meditation. There are countless forms of meditation, to be certain – countless; but it is important to understand that it is all meditation. In meditation, one essential thing happens, that is its potency – it is in meditation where a conditioned being, confronts and meets the modifications of their own mind. This is where the action is, this is where the battle is fought.

This is one of the essential ideas of the Siddha path and the pathway that is travelled is not something outside you, it is your very being. It is the structure and architecture of your very form as a human being, with the spiritual understanding that a human being is not one body bound in the physical world, but four bodies: the physical body of matter; the subtle physical body of energy, the mental body of the mind, and the fourth body – the manifest gateway of Universal Consciousness. That is the document, that is the parchment upon which the map is drawn, by which you travel internally, from the bound condition to the condition of awakening and resolution in the Universal Soul, the Universal Mind. This is a very profound subject, and is studied for a lifetime, lifetime after lifetime.