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It is important that you adhere to your discipline. The energy is becoming very intense and very focused and penetrating very deep into your system. Keep to your discipline of daily meditation, performing your work and as you are moving throughout your life, meeting your responsibilities, it’s important to stay mindful, the vibration, the So Ham, the breath. Stay connected to the sensation of gravity and your connection to the earth. Cycle your breath through all four bodies, even as you move about your busy day. This is very important. You don’t want to set up a kind of world or reality where one part of your world over here is your work and you’re so called life and over here is your spiritual practice. They must fuse, permeate and blend throughout each other. The mindfulness of the breath and the So Ham is one of the most effective ways to maintain this awareness. These days of our lives go by so swiftly and they are over before you know it. You have to make them count.