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The world system that we are in has twenty five worlds that operate and all have human existence on it. The only world system where the Guru operates as manifest and Shaktipat is available. So everybody has to move here. Ever wondered where all these people are coming from. No it’s not just manifestating from the first man and the first woman that walked out of Eden, there pouring on from multiple worlds systems because Shaktipat’s here. It’s the only world system available to the human tribe with a doorway. Is God not merciful? All this by way of description of the manifestation of the Guru shakti, as grace here in Hard Light, that is driven by one energy and that is love. When you touch love you know it. It can’t be mistaken. It operates at every level of existence. From the base up through the entire array of desires, all of them love. Then we have this kind of division in the full capacity of love. We have personal love and we have divine love. Simple, personal love is connected to all the stuff, attachments, desires, all our forms of yearning. And divine love is able to strip out of love, all of its objects and experience the pure energy, pure love, without connection to anything.

Love for it’s own self.
Love in its own nature.

As you gain knowledge of love, you gain the capacity to shed lesser and lesser desires because there’s something about love that is a form of food for the spirit. And when we gain the capacity to touch love and experience love directly, we are healed of the need for their objects. And we gain the ability to live and flow and breathe in love. Attraction is like a form of magnetism, its infinite energy endless energy. As we learn to increase our capacity for love, we increase our capacity to awaken. The evolutionary force is one that expands our capacity. We become more and more complex life forms. So our power of experiences increases our power of influences increase. But involution is beginning to learn the subtleties of the totality of our self. We are indeed complex.