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When the consciousness of ida and pingala are activated, the vibration of the movement of the life force produces the vibration of Ham Sa – the vibration of Ham on the right, the vibration of Sa on the left channel. But when Ham Sa merges into the central nerve, it changes its nature, and becomes SoHam and they lose their identity. But when consciousness is externalized, the vibration is Ham Sa. When it is internalized the same vibration is SoHam.
The vibration of Ham at the crown of the head, the field of universal consciousness; that vibration of So at the base of the spine. And when this is the case you feel a constant flow of throbs and vibrations. First conducting themselves along the left and right channel of Ham Sa. As they internalize they become SoHam.
And you have to become so intimately familiar with yourself that you can tell when the consciousness is moving in the left and right channel – it has a certain feel. At just a twitch of consciousness, a twitch of will power the Ham Sa will become so SoHam and merge into the central channel.

When this happens all four bodies become internalized. It is an advanced condition and one that is sought after by yogis, by those trainees that are seeking to come to knowledge of themselves. You listen to what I’m saying. This is a very important division of attention and it’s like a milestone: the ability to externalize and internalize your consciousness at will.

When your consciousness is externalized you know it’s externalized. You want it to be externalized because you’re driving your car. But when you get where you want to go, you want to internalize your consciousness. You want to withdraw your consciousness from the surface. You want to leave behind all of the elements of being, that have to do with physicality, sense of being embodied, etc., sensory fields and sensory activity, memory.

You can draw consciousness into sushumna, the central nerve. Sushumna is beyond time and space, which is to say that everything you have ever been and everything you ever will be, emerges out of sushumna. It’s an unusual idea to get your head around, but when you begin to get a grasp but when you start to experience it…
But one of the things about meditation is we learn to do such things consciously. We seek to analyze them, why do they happen and how do they happen. And we observe what it looks like, what it feels like, in the externalized position of Ham Sa and then, what kind of bump does it take to move into a SoHam condition of complete internalization. Which is what meditation is; the ability to internalize at will.

Which is also why they use the term spiritual practice, its spiritual, but it’s also practice. Why is it practice; because you have to practice it to get good at it. It’s got a couple tricks to it. So you’re training yourself to internalize.
What happens when you see a being that is progressing along and beginning to experience the advanced spiritual states, a spontaneous expression of spiritual power, is that they’ve trained themselves to be internalized to such a degree, to such a depth that enormous spiritual force begins to vibrate in that place in a very profound way. When your consciousness internalizes – the mind stops. When the mind stops your experience of reality changes.