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And in this way we also always generate a dedication; we offer the merit of the event to all sentient beings. When samadhi is present when the formless nirvikalpa samadhi the pure speech of the creation is present it is boundless and on one level it is present in this room but when we offer it in dedication to the world system it traverses the world and produces an expression of total unity in truth, a total unity in dharma. Uplifting all beings and uplifting ourselves.

If we try to hold it within ourselves we haven’t understood and we think that we have something, we’ve gained something and we don’t want to lose it or if we give it to another person that we are that much diminished but in truth it is much more like a flame lighting another flame.

You can take a flame and light another flame and the original flame is undiminished. This is its nature.

Inside this dedication is a constant idea of generosity and it comes from where we are coming from. If we perceive ourselves as a bound afflicted being then we will see ourselves as being under such and such a situation and having so much. And if we give it away we are diminished by that much. We have lost.

But if we understand ourselves from the absolute sense, experience ourselves from the absolute sense there is no separation no diminishment and all beings are uplifted.