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There should flow from the student the request that the Teacher remain in the world. There is something special in the dynamic relationship that takes place between student and teacher when both are incarnate and occupying the same world system. And for instance I’ve had the experience of having a teacher I could go see and sit with every day and in learning to sit close, could hear the truth.

And then the day came when that opportunity went away. And its not like he disappeared he just went to a world system that is not apparent and not in this world.

So in a way it kind of made it more difficult to stay in communication with him but it’s an interesting situation. And it’s something that you recognize as important. It shows intelligence that you understand the situation as it is.

You’ve actually gone around the world many, many times and not run in to a walking talking breathing guru capable of giving Shaktipat, unwinding the samscara in content and expressing the truth of emptiness and the ocean of consciousness. Just seeing what it looks like is everything. Seeing it and feeling it.

That’s one of the reasons why I always do special meditations, especially on these big days, the day of his solar return of his Mahasamadhi, the day of his lunar return of his Mahasamadhi.

It’s easy to feel close. I’d always do it before I met all of you and now that I have met all of you, I still do it, I brought you to it. I brought you to come and share it with me.