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This energy of pure consciousness can be driven into your system, and in this way your system is overwhelmed with the energy of consciousness and forced into a condition of change.

This is essentially what the Guru does. The Guru is the Grace bestowing power of God – that energy that conducts the energy of pure infinite consciousness and channels it to you and into you and through you personally and irresistibly and unfailingly. This is the idea of awakening.

The Guru Shakti arose at the beginning of the creation and it exists as a kind of safety valve, so that everything that is cycling through the endless wheel of dependant origin and cause and effect can be brought to a point of equilibrium, at which point the energy of transformation, awakening and enlightenment can be directly applied to any given sentient life form at any time. This is the energy of the Guru.

The light of the Guru Shakti is eternal spirit that arises at the beginning is present in the middle and is present at the end. It is a Universal energy and has the capacity to go anywhere inside the wheel.