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It’s important to understand that concentration when applied to the light is not just energy based, but it’s also mental based. It also is flowing into the mind. As it flows into the mind, karmic syndromes of psychology, emotional, and psychological components of behavior and insight into such forms of behavior are illuminated. You take the infinite energy of the SoHam and apply it physically, apply it subtle-physically and you apply it mentally as it begins to unfold. Because these cumulative little causes are actually a part of a vast body of causes that are the obscuration that is between you and the direct apprehension of the fourth state, the fourth body – the state of Samadhi.

They accumulate like a dense fog. The sun and the clear sky is on one side of the dense fog and here you are under that fog when you look up and you’re in this dark grey kind of forest and you look up and it’s a dark grey canopy and that’s the accumulated effect of all these countless forms of cause. But as you get this rush of oceanic energy of SoHam moving intensely in sushumna, ida and pingala, it generates a force of pure clearing of obstacles, pure purification. It’s that rushing of that energy, just like the way a river as it rushes along picks up tons and tons of soil and sediment and carries it down river. The rush of kundalini that is the movement of the SoHam is taking the tons and tons of obscuration in the form of cause and effect and pushing it out.

It’s not necessary to understand every single grain. Most of it you can catch kind of on the fly because it’s repetitive. But every now and then there is a kernel, a sweet morsel of information about identity, that has to do with your psyche that has manifested in your behavior that you will find very interesting.