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First rules of meditation: you have to learn to sit down and sit still. You have to learn to sit without moving your body for as long as it takes. Sit down – you don’t move for an hour. Why? You don’t want to think about the body. You want to be free from the body.

Oh. . . the mind starts racing. It starts seeing the quality of thoughts. You learn to just stop reading thoughts and see thoughts like clouds in the sky. Then you start paying attention to the space around the clouds. Then slowly but surely you can start thinning the clouds down. Slowing the mind. This is all basic meditation. Everybody has to learn it.

You often times see people start the process of meditation way before they get shaktipat. These people are so brave. Without having access to the force of cessation you can begin to plunge into the nature of yourself without Grace. . . my God. But it will win you Grace just by putting up a fight, taking a beating and that’s what it is.

Once you win Grace, draw the attention of the Guru, draw the attention of God and the thunderbolt [of Shaktipat] strikes and you meditate on shaktipat itself. Watch it work inside you. It will teach you about itself just by watching – the movement of the shakti, the movement of the kundalini. They are one and the same thing.

See what you begin to do when you start a meditative practice is you plant a flag in the fourth state. This is done by virtue of the Grace of the Guru. The Guru helps you do. Before you meet the Guru you don’t know where the fourth state is. This gives you an immovable point of view cause the fourth state is pure consciousness. It does not change. It’s just consciousness. Once that starts you generate the resolve to expand the presence of the fourth state inside your life stream. How do you do this? Practice.

Spiritual life is the most intense. It’s the wildest life that you can select. Of all the kinds of life you can chose spiritual life is the wildest. And what you start doing once you gain the Grace of shaktipat and the presence of the fourth state, what you need to do is once every twenty-four hour cycle you need to amplify the presence of the fourth state by sitting down and meditating for one hour of that twenty-three hours. Where you dedicate your entire being to the realization of the fourth state. You do it every day. You’ll catch a glimpse of the fourth state every single time you meditate. At first it will be just a little, but it will grow, it will grow, it will grow.

Practice in Hard Light is: come to Hard Light, come to an Intensive, get shaktipat, meditate an hour a day, come to see me once a week.