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It’s kind of like a hero’s journey. You travel through the three worlds to get to the last gateway – the ocean of consciousness, pervaded and supported and arising from the fourth state. Out of the maze and into the three worlds. But the last gate is always a trick. It’s always opposite. It has an inborn trap. And that’s the nature of the movement out of the creation of the three worlds into emptiness. You can’t pass through it – YOU can’t pass through it. The “I” is never going to make it through that doorway. And here again we begin to see the even deeper meaning of Love. Because we find that love itself is the secret doorway. The means by which the “I” is dissolved and ceases to exist. The you is dissolved and ceases to exist.

It is the indescribable power of the agency of love that makes this possible. You travel to the edge. You’ll spend however much time it takes looking for that secret door and in some way, in some surprising way you’ll find it and you’ll go through it out of love.

It’s a promise.

It’s the last trick.