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The essential point is that enlightenment is not something separate from you. Your actions can not separate you from it. It arises within you as you. It always has. But the path to that place within you takes the form of understanding. First it takes the form of knowledge. Now you have the knowledge: I’ve told you – but you have to understand what I’ve said, and after you understand it, understanding starts to turn into realization. And as your realization deepens then you recognize it as truth.

Experience has taught us that a phase of conditioning between the shaktipat event, the striking of the ground by the Thunderbolt of the shaktipat to the moment of the recognition and fruition of the indwelling enlightenment, it’s best to have a phase of time so the person’s mind, body, being matrix can condition itself to the impact of the truth – which is not just a little bit. It’s a lot. Even a little truth is extremely powerful, as we all know.

It’s one of those tastes that you develop. The taste of the Truth. It becomes your favorite. Then from your favorite it evolves into the truth at any cost. And then you join Hard Light.