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All of this takes place in the framework of time. The framework of time is relative to the body, relative to energy. Part of mind is attenuated to time: ego-centric “I”, etc. Mind essentially is formless. It only seems to attenuate to time, but not really, because the nature of mind can change. You can be born in an unawakened condition, and in that very lifetime be in a realized condition, by changing the nature of mind.

That’s what Shaktipat’s about, that’s what all of the dramatic practices of the Vajrayana are about – to cut across time and space with an intense focus and precision. Rather than spending the time inside one’s body in a random experience of varying states attenuated to the stages of life and karma, we can focus our mind, focus our will with the instrument of our knowledge, come to know the nature of our mind and experience it directly – gain access to that infinite power, and begin to truly change our nature.