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People will have experiences where they will be in various stages of life, and they will have a leap forward and have a direct experience of a very advanced state, that will occur for a moment or for a stage of time, and then seem to go away. And they go, “Why did that go away?”

This is trying to give you an idea how this works in that stages have a progression. The stage of spiritual life you’re in is irrefutable; but the capacity of states has a kind of variety to it, because states exist in time. Why? Because they have qualities. It’s actually very possible, in this moment, as you sit here in this room, to have a direct experience of the state of realization that is present in your own future.

That time and this stage can attach to a state, and in that state you can bridge time, and have a temporary experience of a state where you yourself are already in a condition of realization. You have experienced your first, direct apprehension of the nature of your own mind. Why not? It’s your mind. Time is infinitely fluid; and in fact, in the entire enlightenment process, we use that to advantage. That’s half the idea that we sit here.

One of the things that goes on when we sit together is we can bridge the time and space between this moment and the moment you enter samadhi and experience your own state, and have an experience of that state. Then when you experience that state, you can form a karmic connection to it. In so doing shorten the amount of time between this stage and that stage, where that state arises spontaneously and naturally within you. Isn’t that cool?