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It’s very interesting because in many meditative states you’ll feel a kind of divergence, and before the meditation you’ll feel a part of the world and you experience the body and your perceptual field, and you go into meditation and there is a kind of separation where one loses track of the mind-body awareness, and you seem to be moving through different fields of psychic and spiritual states; the primary basis of which are a kind of mind-forms.

But the Mahamudra is on the other side of that where we are experiencing the vibration of the essence of being, which is empty. But we’ve traveled there, we’ve gotten there through the pathway of the mind. In other words there’s a dynamic within the fabric of mind that I would refer to as attention, and I also call the witness, which draws a kind of focus of experience out of the fabric of awareness itself, out of the fabric of mind itself.

But even the mind has a dynamic of formation. In other words as we move through the mind, there are mind forms that span the gamut from the lower spectrum of karmic and samskaric conditioning factors up through the dynamics of the planes, which are assembled around elements – earth, water, fire, air, space or ether.

The basis of the mind is essentially ether – space. The mind itself has a fabric. It’s not an empty void. It’s a vortex of light that has a volume or a presence and is supported by space itself as space. And over the course of meditation we come to learn about that. In other words we treat the mind as if we’re traveling through space. And it’s just like traveling through space, you know… fly by all of these different formations of energy.