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So we have this idea of stopping the mind – cessation – that is the effect, the accumulative effect of shaktipat, the Thunderbolt of awakening – in tandem with meditation; and this quality of Bodhicitta – Relative Bodhicitta which is the examination of your behavior and your actions, and absolute Bodhicitta which is direct apprehension of enlightenment within yourself as yourself.

See meditation is a constant approach. There is meditation on yourself. There is meditation of insight. There is meditation on objects. There is meditation on deities. There is meditation on the Guru. There is meditation on God. There is meditation on the nature of knowledge itself. There is meditation on the movement and dynamic of energy within oneself. It’s a constant tool.

Meditation… it’s how you get in to the game. And as you start to get the effect and benefit of meditation, Bodhicitta – relative and absolute, your meditation deepens. And when you start having the first events of cessation, in otherwards the mind starts to come to a stop, you begin to have glimpses of underlying truth.