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Directly addressing the habitual thought and behavior in your life is just like plowing a field. It’s very easy to think of your life as the field that is transformed. You come to the field and it is overgrown with scrub, trees with intense root systems, covered with rocks, and layers of hard and soft clay; you want to transform this field into a verdant field where rich crops and flowers can grow.

There is no single sweeping activity that will do this all at once, you have to chop up every piece of that field and transform it. You have to carry the rocks out, dig out the roots. This requires a very strong continuous act of will, energy, power, and focused attention. You’re transforming the field of your own life from something hard and overgrown into something rich, breathing and luminous.

There are two clear avenues of the development and transformation of this field that is our life. One is the direct improvement of the soil. All of the obscurations and constrictions of the body, all of the seeds of karma in the subtle physical body, all of the subtle assemblies of habitual behavior born in the mind, they all have to be chopped up square foot by square foot, enriched and made luscious.

But there are also behaviors, the idea of character, and the actual changing of your nature of being. It’s one thing to gain more and more energy, but we have to adjust our behavior so our character is also changed, uplifted, and clarified. Frankly, changing your character is the more difficult of the two tasks. You can teach a human being to access power relatively quickly, but to get them to change the nature and quality of their behavior so that it reflects a higher character is a greater battle and of the highest importance. This is a conversation between you and God, between you and the Guru, which takes place in the deepest nature of self.